Monday, 29 April 2013

Free Mad 90 Minute Public Holiday Yoga Session!

Just because I feel like it... Join me for this FREE Wednesday 1st May 2013 for a totally free 90 minute Mad Yoga Session! You're totally invited!
The theme is: Mad Body R-evol-ution.
Stepping up the quality of your movement to evolve your body reaching it's highest potential for your well-being... and to just have a ton of fun!

This might turn into a movement workshop sometime in the near future. I'm just scoping it out as a first time free event..But in the meantime be sure to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS.

What we'll be doing:
* "Prep & Wake Up Stretch"
* " Mad Twilight Salutations" to welcome the day
* "Squat & Give Me Slow Flow" sequence
* "Turn it All Upside Down" Sequence (exploring foundational and practical applications tips & techniques)
* "All Twisted Up Sequence"
* "It's All Downhill from Here Baby" Relaxation sequence

Free Give- Aways:
**Walk away with the Mad "Feel More Gratitude" coherence meditation method & the "Squat & Give Me Slow Flow" sequence chart... RSVP by calling 0827623350 to avoid dissapointment so I can print enough of these hand outs!

Place: Samurai Karate Dojo, Stadium on Main Centre, Ground Floor, Main Raod, Claremont, Cape Town.
Date: 1 May 2013
Map Link:
Time: 06:30 -08:00 am
Cost: FREE (so rope a friend in)
RSVP Contact: Madelain 0827623350

What to bring:
* Yoga Mat
* Sweat Towel
* Water Bottle
* You're enthusiasm & Playfullness

Come and play!