Monday, 8 July 2013

Clarity Creates Certainty (a blog post from my coaching website)

(This post is from my coaching blog site I'm busy building, thought I'd share it with you)

Clarity creates certainty, once you are clear on what you value, what your drivers are, you can update the old ones. Change only happens with real conviction and it is what you believe that will drive your actions (or lack of action).

Change for the sake of change is difficult to sustain! The proof is in those many perceived failures from past attempts.

Know your "why"! Clarity creates certainty, the strongest certainty always wins!

I struggle a lot with making decisions (especially the important ones). And the more I dig into clearing my lack of clarity, that has recently come to light, I wonder how many of you might benefit from or resonate with my latest insights?

My Insights:

  1. Know what you want. Every one is running on some sort of blue print, conscious or not... which side do you want to be sitting on; conscious or unconscious?
  2.  If actions are run by your unconscious beliefs and you aren't too sure of what your values are... Well, you guessed it, you'll be wading through misery when the life you want doesn't match up to your actions.
  3. Making changes that someone else prescribes AIN'T going to work either (not unless it's deeply aligned with your values & vision). Another reason that might not work 100%, is because even though the person prescribing advice is experienced... you're unique and you are the only one who will listen to you in the end. You ultimately, are the expert in your life.
  4. Lack of clarity on ones values (your own not those which are prescribed to you by your minister or mother) = low conviction for change.
  5. Therefore; a lot of the frustration we modern folk face; might be due to the fact that we make too much compromise on our authenticity & autonomy (who we are) and what we want.
  6. We chase interests without really knowing our true values because of the above and are swayed from here to there like drifters, never surmounting to much more than the state of tedium on auto-pilot & ultimately perpetuating more of what we don't want.
  7.  Change is directly proportionate to the degree in which you value the change your looking for. Or shall I rather say it like this: you will not change something about yourself until it is valuable enough to do so - to the point of outweighing the cost for staying the same. I.O.W.: How can you ELEVATE the change you're looking for to a higher statues of value?
  8.  Figuring out this s#%t is scary, because it means that you are actually in the drivers seat if you want to create the life you would love more deliberately.

You say you want to change... but what is the perceived cost?
How willing are you to pay the price?
What's the price for staying right where you are?
Red pill or Blue pill?

Just for a fun, dramatic effect & to drive my point... a clip from "The Matrix" just in case you're still wondering which pill is which.

Think of the "the Matrix" he's talking about as a metaphor for your beliefs and perceptions as a lens through which you "see" through; creating the world you experience.


Know what you want! This is the big "why".Find a way to align you actions to your values in creating what you want! This is perhaps the best kind of motivation and it is something you are intrinsically.
Can you see your purpose, your dream/vision, the life you would love to have?
Key: How certain are you that it's going to happen?
Can you visualise, taste, smell, hear, touch it?
What's the first thing you can think of to do to get clear?

It is my purpose, my mission to help others reconnect the disconnection that can run on autopilot and through coaching those who are ready in empowering themselves to be conscious creators of the lives they'd love.

Crate your life deliberately.
Are you mad about your life... Or are you Mad-Crazy-In-Love About your life? It's a choice,

Work with Me:

I invite you to view my coaching options and consider becoming a beta (guinea pig) client if you'd like to be coached for getting clear and deliberate in any area of your life.  Pick up you'r phone and give me a call or send me a text or e-mail.


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Become a Beta Coaching Client! Mad About My Life: Coaching with Madelain Burgoyne

Want to design your life on purpose?

I'm looking for Guinea Pigs to experiment on (sounds suspicious... I know right)!If you don't know already... I'm currently studying towards my coaching credentials (too excited as it's really my BIIIIIG dream becoming ACTUALISED)!

Anyway, my course requires that I accumulate some fieldwork hours (around 100 paid hours - I'm aiming to do even more, 'cause I'm just like that)!

If you think you or know of someone who would like to be my experiments at a really good rate and want to know more about what Coaching is. In-box me:
So far I have two really brave people to practise on... I'll be updating the insights from my experimental clients (with their permission of coarse).

I'm working on different lifestyle packages to rock your world, but the basic beta coaching package starts @ R180 per 1 hour coaching session.

Quick Life Coaching Summery:

Just in case you've been living under a rock and wondering what that's about

In the coaching relationship... it's all about you! It's a synergistic process where, you're the expert and I'm your sounding board. It's all about you taking responsibility for the life you have (look at where you currently are) and want (Where you'd like your life to be) and everything in it. It the process, we discover the miss-match , find your core values and dreams and through deliberate collaboration, we design (you design) the steps to move you in the direction to making whatever part you want into a reality. the coaching process includes thought provoking questions (curiosity gets you into solution seeking prospective= more empowering), feedback, re-framing & accountability.
Through the process, you start learning these awareness skills and develop more emotional intelligence and capacity to expand into your full potential.
This is a totally open, non-judgemental & confidential space.

I'm not going to sugar coat it for you (even though the above sounds pretty sweet); it takes guts to own your s*%t and to see that happiness isn't all positive thoughts and roses. But through the process you fine the coherence and congruence and presence to see everything (both the negative & positive forces of life) as perfectly balanced and exactly what you need to step into your value (what you've here to do/your potential). I's about not being ruled by emotional overwhelm or circumstances, but taking your life and creating more of what you want ON PURPOSE. Life no longer happens to you.. it starts happening for you.

It requires: courage, letting go to attached stories of your past (shifting perspective), experimentation (stepping out your comfort zone), finding the skills you need to adopt to make change (adaptability), accountability (setting yourself up to be held accountable DELIBERATELY - useful for those days of doubt), planning, self awareness, measurement, re-assessment.

What life coaching is not:

It's not therapy, counselling or anything of the sort. I deal with the current blocks and move you forward until you can learn the process and take the momentum over.

Once again... inbox me if this sounds like something you'd like to try out; check out the website, Facebook page, come and say hi.

ox Mads

Friday, 28 June 2013

Your Action Plan for the Rest of the Year

It's time to re-evaluate the year as we approach the half way mark of 2013.

something I've come to appreciate through experience is how important planning and action is. I keep seeing what I would love to create for myself by the end of the year as a milestone, yet I've found that when my planning and implementation slacks... Well, I can't really complain about not having what I want if I'm not doing the work.
When Things slack off, it's because I get sloppy in my focus, end up not recording my milestones and re-evaluations. Planning and implementation is pivotal.

So if that resonates with you, here are some questions to think about to help you become a little unstuck:
  • How can you get clear with what you would love to have by the end of the year?
  • How detailed is your vision of it?
  • Can you see, hear, taste,smell it... Can you visualise you BEING it?
  • Right; what does you're schedule look like? Is what you want written in there anywhere? (What you schedule and stick to is a good indication of weather or not it's actually a real priority vs an interest). Sure many of us are interested in improving our health, but when it comes down to the dirty work, we find ourselves making excuses. What can you do to turn that interest into a top priority?
So, here's an action step plan for your goals:


Which step are you on?
  1. Write down what you would love to have by the end of the year in detail (use your 5 senses as you describe it).
  2. Now that you know what you want, think about what resources you have available to you to accomplish it... Or what skills and resources you need to acquire.
  3. work out your action plan. Open your diary, decide how much time you are going to dedicate to working towards your goal in a week.
    Now goals might need to be broken up in parts so that overwhelm doesn't set in. What the is priority step? What can you scrap, delegate or put away to work on later?
    If you need to acquire a skill, that is a clue in priority of taking action... Research it, inquire and get stuck into it.
  4. You need to keep track of it; find a way to measure what your doing. Recording voice notes, writing in a journal on the experiences each time, feed back, insights, milestones. Without this step, you won't be able to see the progress you're making. 
  5. Be consistent and stop listening to that inner critic and those negative fears. These voices appear because we're attached to past experiences and want to avoid pain... The weird thing is that when you want to quite the most... is the breakthrough point. 
  6. Be mindful of the chatter that happens inside & follow through despite the negative talk... It's just talk after all and not really the truth. Test the chatter by going through it and recreate a better experience so that you can reach the potential you're longing to reach.

    “Your days are your life in miniature. As you live your hours, so you create your years. As you live your days, so you craft your life. What you do today is actually creating your future. The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the food you eat and the actions you take are defining your destiny – shaping who you are becoming and what you stand for. Small choices lead to giant consequences – over time. There’s no such thing as an unimportant day.” ~ robin Sharma
"The hours that ordinary people waste, the extraordinary people leverage" ~ Robin Sharma
The neurobiology works like this in a nutshell: you make a consistent focussed effort towards your goals (self directed attention & effort) = even more momentum as the process now releases dopamine (Measurable Feedback) = more motivation, energy/drive to do more of the same (re-enforced Purpose) = Success!

Now this runs either way, you can use the same auto setting to stay unchanged and wish your life away... which force are you going to apply your focused awareness to? Best thing about this is you can shape your reality at the drop of a decision - no excuses.

If you're needing some help on discovering your values or what you would love to create in your life (personal growth and lifestyle wise), consider becoming a beta client of mine for Life coaching... to find out more about Mad About My Life: Coaching with Madelain Burgoyne, send an e-mail to
Website coming soon.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mad Love ~ By Meghan Currie

Oooh, I love Meghan Currie, check out her latest Video "Mad Love". 

Mad indeed I say... now there's a gal who's Mad-Crazy-In-Love with life, which is exactly what Mad About Yoga & my coaching business (Mad About My Life) is all about.... Movement is a huge aspect in it.

Be inspired! Thank you Meghan!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ladies night out with a difference!

I love networking!

You know why? I dig it because you get to know others, you step out of your comfort zone, you practise doping any judgements in the hopes of not being judged yourself, almost always being welcomed in return. It's part of reconnecting with what is often disconnected (but that's a topic for the next blog). Communities are wonderful!

I don't know if you know the Sleek Geek SA community here in Cape Town? It's where all the health nuts or people who want change & who need a support community are flocking to. It's quite phenomenal. There are amazing stories to see, amazing transformations both in body and emotionally. More than ever, people are becoming tired of being sick and tired.

Anyway, I like hanging out with people who embody stepping up the quality of life; stretching, testing, taking risks to grow and connect.

On Saturday night, I was delighted to attend the Sleek Geeks Ladies Night out at Primi in Tableview. What an amazing experience it was.

Here I'm going to highlight some of the may discussions we had around the table and I want to share this because finding the right community to support ones higher potential is important.



  • One of the first discussions we had was around how almost all of the girls showed up solo. The thought process on wanting to join in and check out a community, but the doubt behind weather to join or not was quite fascinating to me. Many of these thoughts might be based on fears of feeling out of place because they don't know anyone else going.
  • Guess what, I got a lot of feedback that curiosity and the pull towards wanting to connect was a greater force than any negative talk that went on in the head before arriving. It is brave... And I would encourage you to always challenge that negative talk... Test it, challenge it, even walk into any fears around it 'cause it ain't the truth until you at least try to disprove it!
  • Acceptance that we are all different, but have a common value; our health.
    We all want to be accepted for who we are. We all want to feel like we belong. We all have different interests, but that makes for an even richer and broader network of knowledgeable women around one table. Sure, sometimes we wish that "we had what she has" but someone else around that table is admiring you for your uniqueness.
  • We had cross-fitters there, people who eat paleo style, vegetarians  business owners, mothers, people who have totally transformed their bodies; all who had something interesting to say.
  • There was lots of discussion around ditching old friends who weren't happy about the changes we make to improve our lifestyle and replacing them with friends who keep us accountable (support) when it comes to living out the goals we set for ourselves.
    I heard from more than one woman around the table that when they started improving their health, many of their family members and friends were not very supportive. I couldn't help wondering if that was because many resist change and don't feel as bad when you're justifying their lifestyle by being the same. Like I said, we all want to belong to a supportive network that validates who we are or what we choose to do or how we behave, think, move etc.
    Often people who are resisting change will really do just that... resist. If you are in that situation as you are trying to improve the quality of your life, just remember, it has nothing to do with you; it has everything to do with what's going on inside of them.
  • We, of course, also talked about Cape Town's notorious reputation to how difficult it can be to crack into any social group if you're new. I definitely feel that there is some sort of revolution going on. People are becoming more open to making new friends by putting themselves forward.

This was a nice way to get together... not over hot chocolate and cake, but I found that it was easier to make the right kind of menu choices when a bunch of health Geeks were sitting around the table!

These women are all amazing!
There was one woman who lost 45kg since last year March, another who lost 20kg in 6 months, both of whom are super sexy mamas and feeling super happy about it. There were women who are on their way, women who are strong, women who are new and just getting started... just a table of all-round amazing women which filled me with inspiration to step up my game on the health level for real!

The really special thing about connecting on this evening like this is; it took us all out of the disconnection we feel into the embodiment, engagement, the openness that is the miracle of connection

Thanks Elan (founder of Sleek Geek SA), for creating a wonderful community! Rock on!

I look forward to the next ladies night social... we are already talking about that.
Check out the Sleekgeek Bar Babes Facebook page.

If you want to start your revolution, and you happen to have an aversion to movement, check out my other pages here on my blog for some yoga coaching... and yes, I teach other kinds of movement that will help you shed the excess if that's what you desire.

Today I decided I'll be stepping into the 12 week Vitality Lifestyle Plan by Dr. Greg Venning from The Vitality Concept. A friend and I have decided to do it together so that we can be accountability partners through our transformation. The free talk about it is happening on the 29th

As I work my way towards becoming a life coach, what I learn from participating will be my way of holding myself accountable for the ultimate health goals I wish to see embodied in myself (not to mention my friend who'll be adding another layer of accountability - it's bullet proof). Not only will this allow me to do more of what I preach about (walk my talk), but I KNOW that I'll be learning a ton through having this experience and therefore help coach/consult my own clients on their journeys towards what they wish to embody for themselves too!

Over to you:

What did you enjoy most about our ladies night out? I wanna hear what insights you gained from this evening I wanna hear all about it in the comments below.

If you haven't joined us yet, I wanna hear what kind of community you're looking for or if any of this resonates  with you.

What do you wish to embody more of?

Here's to your ultimate happiness, health & well-being.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mad MAY Give-Away Competition: Win a Fun Yoga Session for You & Your Friends

How you can enter the Mad May Give Away: 

To win 1 of the 3 semi-private yoga sessions, be sure to fill out my survey and follow the instructions closely left in the very last question (question 10) click here to be taken to the survey.

The draw will happen at the end of May 2013. So you’ll want to subscribe to the Mad About Yoga Facebook page here, and leave your comments about why you would like to win a free semi-private yoga session for you and your friends. Get your friends to fill out the survey and leave their comments on the Facebook page too and stand an even bigger chance of winning.

I'm always looking to improve the quality of the services I offer here with Mad About Yoga. It's important to me to collect your honest thoughts and feedback from your experiences doing yoga with me or even just to find out if yoga would be something you’d like to try if you have not done it before. The only way to improve what I offer and meet your needs is through feedback.

Again, here is the survey link:

If you’re just a little bit curious about what it is I do and wish to see that in action check out this video I put together last year: Press play.

Some of my friend doing yoga

May 2013 Free Workshops with Dr. Greg Venning: Fit for Life

So if you're a regular Gym goer or you stay clear from the "e-word" and hate the gym, this will be the workshop for you.

I really love movement and since entering the Paleo world, I've learned many more concepts & principles to apply behind movement. Through moving my body through yoga, I've both injured myself or learnt more body awareness, built strength, flexibility and agility. The fact is, that if you become stagnant in your movement, well the result will be an unresponsive body. Use it or lose it... but the good new is that wherever you are, you can do something about it to improve it!

Here is some information Eilidh from Vitality Chiropractic & The vitality Concept send me for the upcoming free workshop... this time it's about ways in moving your body beyond going to gym.

 "The workshop is called "Fit for Life - Thinking outside of the gym". Easy ways to make movement part of your daily life, for life! 

We know many people who are fit for the gym but are not fit for everyday life and we would love to help them achieve a balance of both. We also know the idea of exercise puts a lot of people off which tends to lead to a sedentary lifestyle. In this workshop Dr Greg will show people how to integrate movement into their daily life, without using the "e" word.

The 3 fundamental types of movement that are required for health will be addressed: Move moderately, move heavy, move fast.

Topics & benefits will include:
Increase energy
Reduce body fat
Enhance posture
Improve memory
Balance hormones
Peak performance
Upgrade flexibility
Gain focus
Beach body for life...”I'll be there, I hope I see you there. Details her in the picture, so be sure to book your seat.

If you're looking for a fun new way to start moving your body, come join an early morning yoga session with me at the Dojo. First class experience is free; check out the info on my page here under Yoga @ the dojo.
If you're looking for more of a private movement situation that will be designe specifically for your level; Check out some info on what I offer here under Types of Private Yoga Coaching Programs:

I've just put up a new page section on my blog website; check out what some of my students have been saying here: Mad Client Testimonials

Here's to your ultimate health and well-being.