About Classes

Are you ready to transform your life, body, energy levels, let go of anxiety and stress or need to step out of tedium of life or just need to step up that awesome setting? Boy are you ever in the right place!

M.A.Y. specialises in private yoga coaching and in developing multi-faceted programs for clients who are really interested and invested in their health levels and overall lifestyle wellness.

Types of private yoga coaching programs:

  • One-on-one private yoga/movement coaching in the comfort of your own home. (Tailored  programs.)
  • Mad About My Life Program TM (The premium lifestyle coach/ consulting package, coming soon.) 
  • Semi-private yoga coaching for 2 - 3 people
  • or a Mad Semi - Private Group 4  or more people with yoga coaching in the privacy of your own home.
  • Yoga @ the Dojo: early morning group classes 3 x per week.

About one-on-one:

On enrolment, Madelain will meet up with you, so that you  will have the opportunity to discuss all your needs, goals, points of concern with her. This is necessary if you as Madelain will be designing programs & practises just for your benefit . We also get all the paper work out the way and Madelain will also take you through a few preparation questions (intake form) to plan for the upcoming yoga sessions . Please contact Madelain for more information.

In the one-on-one private session you receive practical worksheets to continue or practise what you've learnt. Some theory behind the Mindfulness Practices we do, Coherence Methods, Breathings Techniques, and other material Madelain will create that's relevant around your needs.
Eventually, when you've gained the level of competency around a yoga practice, Madelain will advance you into practises to break through plateaus that are typical in any practise.
This is the premium service that Madelain offers in the Yoga side of her services.

About semi-private yoga sessions:

  1. Semi-Private sessions with 2 - 3 people go for a 20% discount per person off the full coaching price.
  2. Mad Semi - Private Group Yoga Coaching: these sessions are more affordable if you can gather 3 friends to sign up with you @ 75% discount off the full coaching price! You won't get the premium tailored programs that come with one-on-one coaching, but during the sessions, Madelain will still teach you her best stuff! Plus it's fun.
Check out our Fees page for all listed prices.

About Yoga @ The Dojo:

M.A.Y is not your typical yoga studio. Here we just simply offer 3 informal group classes per week so that blissing-out can be more than just a once-off-occurrence for a really affordable price.
There are 12 classes per month that you can attend from 06:30 -07:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays & Friday mornings. It's the perfect way to start your day... you'll be surprised at how much you will feel you have accomplished before mid morning.
Check out our "Fees" page for our Mad prices.

Styles of Yoga:

The yoga thought is based on Hatha yoga, functional body movement, smart stretching, & interval training A.K.A. Mad Interval Yoga. We mix it up with many other beneficial things in a class session. Depending n your needs and goals we do anything from restorative, gentle yoga to many levels of challenging yoga sessions. Besides Hatha Yoga, Madelain teaches her own Style of Mad Strength Yoga Flow TM. She's Also qualified to teach Sadie Nardini's Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga TM. 
Madelain plays around a lot! Out of her playfulness and need to push passed plateaus and find more natural ways for moving, Mad Interval Yoga TM was born (think crossfit /interval style, just in a yoga way leveraging your own body weight) It's just another reason why the word "Mad" fits in so well!

The Mad Menu:

  • Mad Strength Yoga Flow TM (isometric & isotonic)
  • Mad Interval Yoga TM  (HIIT)
  • Hatha yoga combined with Smart Stretching for strength & flexibility (Smart Isometric holds)
  • Yoga-lates
  • The 5 Tibetan Rights
  • Active restore & detox yoga
  • Supported restorative yoga
  • Yoga for deep stress, anxiety & depression (The Mad About My Life Program TM)
  • Meditation
  • Breath control & techniques
  • Heart coherence methods
  • Yogic Sleep

We alternate between Mad Strength Yoga Flow, smart posture holds to Mad Interval Yoga as well as more restorative & relaxing yoga classes.
Strong yoga practices are to advance your strength, build muscle, lose weigh and maintain it.
Smart Stretching also build strength and muscle tone but also allow the muscles to hold stretches for a while longer, giving them a real chance to lengthen.
Mad Interval Yoga gets the cardio going combined with strength training using your own body weight followed intermittent posture holds.
Restoratives classes are practised to counter act all the strong practices and to allow the body unwind & restore.


So you want to know what we get up to in class?

Just so you know what to expect if it's your first time, this is how we generally roll...
* We start with a "centring" practice. A moment of mindfulness or short meditation so that you can bring your focus or attention to your yoga practice.
* We do yoga postures that tone, lengthen, strengthen the entire body.
* Some classes include breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, meditation or a mixture of all.
*If you enrol as a private clients for one-on-one classes, you get specifically designed classe sessions for your goals and needs.

Can a beginner come to all the classes?
Yes! Absolutely no previous experience required. Just a warning though, this stuff is not easy... Yoga will be very challenging at first and this can discourage a lot of people.
The only way for you to have guaranteed progress and enjoyment during in class is to take a rest when you need it & return for some more.

The only rule I need you to really hear loud and clear is: REST! If you need to rest during class, do it! You can carry on when you are ready. Over time you'll see that you'll be able to do more and and that the postures will start refining as you get stronger and stronger! It's not about looking the part, its about chipping away.

What do I wear?
Wear pants that allow the legs to stretch in all directions, Shirts that won't fall over your head in downward facing dog.

What do I need to bring along?
If it's your first time @ the dojo, bring along a yoga mat, water bottle and your cash for the class. You can show up for a drop in class for R70 or get a month's worth for R380.

for any other questions you might have, do feel welcome to call or e-mail it to me. Check out the contact details under the contact page.