Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mad Easter Yoga Salutation Chart Give-Away

Today I put this chart together for one of my private clients for Friday. I made a detailed step-by-step practise sheet for her and this quick reference chart once she becomes more familiar with the movements... So I don't have my very own Yoga picture library... So I pulled these off Google. 

Will have to get an awesome photographer to do my own picture library... in the meantime, this will do.

What's that you say? You want one? Fore sure! 

It's Easter Weekend, and I'm feeling like giving something away, just because I can.

If you'd like to receive your copy of the Mad Salutation Yoga Chart... Send your request to with "Mad Salutation Chart" in the subject line.

This way there's now way you'll forget to practice your yoga over the weekend while indulging on your spoils from foraging for Easter eggs on the hunt!  Keep moving yogi's!

LOL How much more primal can you get right? Yeah... Easter eggs must be primal!

ox Madelain

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Biggest Time Waster and It's Power to Degrade Life & even to Kill!

I had to laugh at myself this morning...I get so worried about how fast the months are rolling on that I really forget to enjoy the present moments.

This morning I had to catch myself saying that to my early morning yoga students. I think I said something along the lines of: "Wow, this month is just flying past; I keep feeling like I have to accomplish something big to make the month sink in." We get so caught up with worrying about the future... and I really think that is precisely what steels time. Do you know that feeling?

So on my way home from class this morning, I started wondering... What are the things I have to do in my life to make it feel like it counts? What am I engaging in so much that makes me feel like there are better things worth spending my time on and where can I replace the "time-waster-activities" to get to doing more of what I want to be doing?"

Have you heard of the saying: "The things that get done are the things that take priority in your life"?

Much of the time, we run on standards that aren't our own. E.g. "I should exercise more", so I'll set a goal and yet time and time again, I'll fail at becoming consistent at my exercise program. It really can be any of those things that we tell ourselves, that have the word "should" in it. And yes... moving your body really should be a priority if you want to remain limber, strong, flexible and in good health.

It's my understanding that those "should" things never get done until it becomes important enough for one to really make the shift and do something about it. So I find myself asking questions to myself; "How much do I actually care about feeding my body the right nutrition? What is it inside that tells me that my health is not priority? Which old outdated belief system am I hanging onto that needs to shift?" Perhaps it's time for re-evaluating my core values and priorities.

I know that I should practice meditation more consistently, If I did, I know that the benefits of doing so would help me to be more present, enjoy each moment as it comes instead of my attention being drawn to some future worry that isn't even real. Worry is one of the biggest stresses to deteriorating health... and yes, stress kills... every day!

So the moral of this story is that If I value my mental and physical health (which adds to the everyday quality of the life and happiness I perceive and experience) then I must find the time, consistently, in my schedule to be more present, calm my nervous system, so that the right chemical processes take place for my enjoyment, relaxation and quality of life.

It boils down to taking responsibility for one's overall experience of life.

So what have you been wanting to do but never really getting to it? How important is it to you... REALLY? Are you willing to make space for it in your day for it to become part of your life? Or should you stop placing that added anxiety about that "should" and drop it altogether?

Freaking out, really makes one freak-in too!
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