Monday, 9 April 2012

Latest news


Save your mula big time! M.A.Y. has reduced general class rates @ the dojo! 

  • 1 drop in class @ R70
  • 3 classes per week in one month @ R250 (12 classes/month works out to plus minus R20/class)
  • Mat hire @ R5

YES! Rates have been reduced considerably and here's why: 

  1.  I would rather have my yoga students at class than not coming at all. 
  2.  I'm not interested in keeping up with local yoga studios, because I am not really a dedicated yoga studio, I offer yoga classes out of a Karate dojo for just because I can. My vision is to see more people being able to afford what they really want; a good challenging workout as well as a way to wind down, let go and balance out our modern life-styles.
  3.  The vision is for M.A.Y. to be a place where all are welcome to learn the art of attention through the movement of a regular yoga & meditation practice. Here @ M.A.Y. I WANT to offer you the best rates so that your yoga practice can be more than a once-a-week occurrence. 
I love to reward M.A.Y. student, introduce 5 friends to M.A.Y. and receive 6 classes free.