About M.A.Y.

Mad About Yoga

Mad About Yoga opened in Jan 2012 offering public classes out of the Samurai Karate Dojo in Stadium on Main, Main Road, Claremont.

Mad About Yoga is not the typical yoga studio with a full schedule or with any aesthetically pleasing hot rooms and is not intended to be so.

M.A.Y. simply offers 3 classes per week to the public at an affordable rate so that yoga can become more than a once a week occurrence for students who want to learn the art of attention through yoga movement & mindful practices.

M.A.Y. specialises in private yoga coaching and in developing multi-faceted programs for clients who are really interested and invested in their health levels and overall lifestyle wellness.

M.A.Y. is the brainchild of Madelain Burgoyne and was birthed into reality out of exploring her purpose in life through her need for furthering her personal development, creative-expression & the desire to inspire others into doing the same.

The concept behind naming this local business "Mad About Yoga" was to introduce a  new status quo, questioning how we quantify the overall quality of our day-to-day lives. As the word "yoga" means "union"; how do we really feel about the lives we lead... since we are just that resonant energy that all our systems exist upon?

Madelain's favourite question to others is usually: "Are you mad about your life or are you Mad About Your Life, and what are you going to do about it?"

Here at M.A.Y. we believe that if things are feeling "meh" in your life, then you need to step up your life's standards to the "awesome" setting!

" I'm not for everybody, but I can do an extraordinary job for the few people that I want to work with and those who are ready and who want to work with me." ~ Madelain

About Madelain Burgoyne

Madelain is for the most part, a self-taught yogini who learned yoga through on-line cyber teachers. Madelain's favourite Yogini of all time is Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga TM; a savvy lady in the United States who founded a style which resonated with Madelain's playful and creative side. She also connected with another inspirational cyber yoga teacher by the name of Dashama Konah Gordon, creator of Pranashama Yoga TM.

Yoga came into Madelain's life while suffering from post natal depression in 2008 after the birth of her son. Yoga was the positive influence that changed her life for ever. She learnt the most important lesson in her life from that experience and through her mentor’s teachings; that happiness can be generated from within and directed by outside sources. Since then, Madelain has been practising  studying yoga & even got teaching on her own from a burning desire to share personal development, until she gained her first level Yoga Certification in Oct 2011.

Madelain is also certified to teach in the Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga TM on completion of her full training with Sadie Nardini in 2011 ERYT. She has also had over 200 hours of experience teaching corporate yoga to 120 individuals with all sorts of chronic health problems as well as teaching yoga to special needs individuals. Madelain has numerous private clients around Cape Town whom she regularly teaches. She's been teaching free yoga since late 2010 on the beach and continues to do so in the Biodiversity park in Green Point. She also teaches yoga for the Sports Science Institute of South Africa on the Old Mutual estate in Pinelands. She is the founder of Mad About Yoga & creator of the Mad About My Life Program TM  (in research and production) with the purpose of understanding, healing depression, anxiety, stress, nutrition and coaching others into more understanding of how movement & meditation and deliberate action can totally restructure one's life into their highest, most actualized potential. And therefore, having individuals create more meaningful empowered lives for themselves and awakening a happier community and society, one person at a time.

Madelain is a fun loving, open-hearted yogini who is looking to connect & grow right alongside those whom she teaches and learns from. She believes that yoga is the perfect catalyst for understanding ones' deepest desires, dreams and overcoming fear in order to live larger through education & understanding.  She is fascinated with personal development, the brain, emotional intelligence, psychology & the science behind why yoga works!

Madelain considers herself to be a yoga coach rather than a yoga instructor and a contemporary yogini at that. She believes that yoga is just one of many tools she can use to reach out to others with, that helps to reconnect the disconnect through the art of movement & mindfulness i.e. embodiment.

Madelain is a wife to a foot-loose-mountain-man and a mother of a busy four year old son, she lives and teaches around Cape Town.

About Yoga

Yoga is one of many well rounded approaches to movement with a multitude of other benefits. In actual fact, yoga is a science. The science of your body and mind, how these systems work through cause and effect.  It is also the study of self inquiry and discovery.

Over the years of practising yoga and other types of movements, I've come to learn that movement is a nutrient and not a luxury. Yoga is very well rounded but by no means the be all and end all. The more I practice the more I learn this.
However, doing the physical postures is the best way to approach everything that yoga has to offer. M.A.Y. believes that there is no wrong way to starting a yoga practice whether it is through the postures first, meditation, breath awareness or through the physiological understanding of how and what the body/mind needs for well-being. All aspects lead into the next, just as the benefits of a yoga or movement based practice penetrates all systems of the body/mind.

Therefore, the word yoga means to "join" or "unite". Through practice and deeper understanding of self inquiry and integration, we knit all aspects of how we function (emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically etc.) together to gain mastery over these aspects through understanding to enable ourselves in making better choices. We are then  able to live better, more meaningful and therefore, more fulfilling lives that are in more alignment with self discovery and the ultimate goals we set for ourselves.

Who can benefit from yoga?

Anyone can. Yoga is adaptable for anyone... providing that your doctor has given you the go-a-head!

You do not have to already be flexible to do yoga, over time and consistent practice, flexibility and refinement is gained.

So be prepared to love yourself even more! 

Welcome to becoming the best version of yourself... ever!

Warning: Yoga is highly addictive due to the feel-good factor that you are guaranteed to feel!

Yoga @ The Dojo (Group classes)

Mad About Yoga @ the Samurai Karate Dojo, is dedicated to bringing more affordable rates to you, so that blissing-out in yoga class can be more than a once a week occurrence.
Mad About Yoga is a young local business running out of the Samurain dojo in Stadium on Main Centre, Main Road, Claremont, Cape Town.

This is a simple, down-to-earth place that welcomes all who wish to learn the art of attention through yoga movement. The yoga we practice here is a mixture of functional movements & yoga... not tomention a little of interval training. In class, we move slow (flow), we move heavy (body weight), and we move fast (Interval training).

Mad About Yoga is Madelain's yoga dream for creating a community where anyone can walk into a class for an affordable workout; so come work hard, wind down and relax.

Come say hello and join Madelain and other yogis from all different backgrounds for an early morning yoga session. It really is the perfect start to your day!

Warning: This yoga is very addictive!
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