Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Feedback from today's Free Mad Body R-evol-ution Yoga Session

What a great turn out for only two days notice! 15 people today... all who were willing to give up sleeping in this dark morning to be at the Dojo Studio at 06:30 am!

A snap shot of the guests relaxing after out yoga sequence learning how to "Dial It Inwards "

My only regret is that I didn't get a group shot of this. Anyway, we had many new faces here today. What a pleasure to meet so many new delightful faces and to have my usual students keep returning for more. Here are some of the things these guests had to say on their way out from the guestbook:

"I enjoyed the movement; the energy & the challenge of going upside down." ~ Pauline

"Great new experience, very informative way to learn about the body." ~ Fatiema

"I enjoyed the fluidity of the class, I never thought my body could do most of those stretches." ~ Jade

"I enjoyed the rolling back sequence and twisting. Meditations was a great ending." ~ Kayleigh

"Great start to the day & very relaxing. thank you very much!" ~ Tim

"I need to work more on releasing the pressure in my neck and shoulders. I loved this mornings class. Thank you so much!" ~ Charmaine

Thank you all for being so super cool and coming!