Friday, 5 April 2013

Free Well-being Workshop on Conventional Confusion with Dr. Greg Venning

Free Well-being Workshop on Conventional Confusion: Common Nutritional Myths and Mistakes and How to Correct Them.

I met Greg in February... I attended his talks and free workshops and they deliver. What do the deliver exactly? the hard to hear truth on how we've become a self inflicted sedentary human zoo, eating all the wrong kinds of food, and suffering with a lower than usual EQ. Well at least that's my take...

It is really hard hear these things and if you are the health concious type; you know what I mean when I say that it's hard to see your loved one's suffer from lifestyle choices.
But more than ever people are standing up and proclaiming enough is enough. Her'e your chance to be more proactive in creating more "Vitality" in your life... you can start by booking your seat to this free workshop.

Now if you are really a fitness freak, come hear some very interesting concepts that might not have been brought to your attention yet.

I've been waiting two month for this one... I hope to spot you there! Bring your friends & family!

Event Details:

By: Dr. Greg Venning from Vitality Chiropractic Cape Town.
Date: 18 April 2013
Time: 18:30
Address: 5 Colinton Road, 7700 Cape Town, Western Cape
Map Link: Click here
Cost: Free
contact to book Your Seat; Call: 021 671 3303
Check out the flyer I have attached to this e-mail and book your seat?
Still need more convincing? Check out Greg's latest blog post about this topic here: 

Confused about what to eat,how to lose weight or why you are not losing weight?
Learn what your mind/body requires for well-being and how conventional advice is doing more harm than good.
Find out the truth behind how to lose weight without going hungry, increase your energy levels, balance hormones and balance moods.

BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!