Monday, 1 October 2012

The Yoga Coach behind Mad About Yoga.

I thought to post a condensed summary of the service I offer. I'm hoping that it makes my service a little more clear & purposeful. I teach what I have experienced or need to learn myself and my journey has been a difficult but blessed and colourful. So this is what I've learned and what I offer to those who need it.

Llandudno Beach 2011


My name is Madelain Burgoyne. I am the founder of Mad About Yoga.  I specialises in private yoga coaching sessions and in developing multi-faceted programs for clients who are really interested and invested in their health levels and overall lifestyle wellness. 
I've decided to step up the quality of my life by living a self-approved life and in becoming the best actualised version of me there is.  I love working with others who desire the same for themselves.  Are you mad about your life or are you Mad About Your Life?


My passion is to show you how to relieve stress, anxiety and depression; turning life from a lacking state, into an abundantly thriving state. It gives me great meaning and purpose to reach out and equip others with the tools they need to heal through natural methods and techniques for these purposes. I believe that no-one is really broken… We’ve just forgotten how to connect. The body is a store house of your mental, emotional and other traumatic (known or unknown) experiences. Living in a modern world, there has never been such a high demand to perform non-stop, leading to a huge mass of general unhappiness, dis-content and disease!  As these demands unceasingly build up, our inherent abilities to re-connect self-sooth, heal and wind down have become lost, forgotten or neglected. 
It is important to find methods to bring the mind and body back into more coherence for a greater quality of health, wellness and to reconnect  to your bliss zones. I know a few of these methods (yoga being one) and through my searching, research and testing, I bring the most effective methods to you.

My core belief is that "mundane" and just settling for what is; is not good enough and that every person should raise their standards on their quality of life, so that they too, can be less mad about life and more Mad (crazy-in-love) About Life! I work with those who are ready to shake things up a little. Are you ready?

I'm not for everybody, but I do an extraordinary job for the few people that I want to work with and those who are ready and who want to work with me

Charmaine & I goofing around at the Spirit Fest Africa in Stellenbosch, March 2012


I offer private and semi-private yoga coaching sessions in various packages. Be sure to take a look at the rest of this web blog site (website currently under construction) for all details. Learn the art of attention through fun and creative yoga movement, meditation and relaxation. Yoga is adaptable to anyone, become the best version of yourself ever!
Warning: This yoga is very addictive!



Yoga came into my life while I was suffering from post natal depression in late 2008. Since, I have not looked back.  I have used yoga movement to ignite my passion for life, lose weight, gain self-confidence and inspired others to do the same for themselves.  I gained my international first level yoga certification in 2011. I became certified to teach Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga TM with Sadie Nardini.  I teach 3 early morning public classes per week out of a Karate dojo in Claremont for the heck of it.  I focus on coaching private and semi-private sessions all over Cape Town. I teach yoga at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa on the Old Mutual Estate in Pinelands.  Read my full Bio under the "About" page.

Me & my son Matt 2011


Be sure to click on the "contact" page at the top! Yo can always give me a call or drop me an e-mail. I'd love it if you called to ask me questions if you have any or even if you just want to say hi and talk about how awesome life is.
Find Mad About Yoga on Facebook; be sure to share it and invite your friends to the page. Come try out an early morning yoga class. It's fun in a relaxed and informal setting. 
M.A.Y. is also onTwitter!

I Love standing on my head ~ Table Mountain 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mad Groupon Deal in Cape Town!

Deal details:

Choose from one of the following deals:

  1. Pay R228 for 1 month of yoga (12 group classes @ the dojo) + 1 Private Yoga Session + 1 Complementary Body Analysis, valued @ R570.
  2. Pay R287 for 2 month of yoga (24  group classes @ the dojo ) + 1 Private Yoga Session + 1 Complementary Body Analysis, valued @ R820.
  3. Pay R321 for 3 month of yoga (36  group classes @ the dojo ) + 1 Private Yoga Session + 1 Complementary Body Analysis, valued @ R1070.
These deals are exclusive to this particular Group on deal!

Click here to see or purchase the Mad Groupon Deal. Hurry... There are only of this moment, only 14 hours left to purchase this unique deal.

Times for Group Classes @ the Dojo/studio:

  • 06:30am - 07:30am These are morning classes. It is stipulated so on the deal. M. A.Y. does not take any responsibility for any interpenetration for the times. So please make sure that you are okay with your purchase. You are welcome to send Madelain and e-mail or even better, give her a call if anything is unclear. She'd be happy to help you out.

Times & booking the Private Yoga Session & Complementary Body Analysis:

  • Bookings are subject to availability during certain working hours as stipulated bellow.
  • Monday to Friday from 08:30am - 18:00pm.
  • Saturdays: 08:30am - 12:00pm
  • Appointments can be held at the dojo or place of your choosing. Please enquire upon booking.
  • Bookings by appointment only and booking for private session can be made only after you have attended your first yoga session at the dojo (handed in your Groupon voucher).
  • Cancellation for these bookings require 24 hour notice. No-shows & failure to notify any change in the bookings forfeit the Groupon deal entirely.

What if the deal doesn't suite you at all, but you would love to do yoga?

Well, if that's the case, check out what else I do besides public classes on my "About Classes" page.
There are a few private/semi-private options to suit your  Budget needs.
Want to know about free stuff? Check out this link for yoga & other classes @ the O2 FitClub.

Happy Spring Cape Town!

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Saturday, 8 September 2012


September is National Yoga month in the USA. I'm our eyes here at M.A.Y. it should be an International Yoga month... or at least a National Yoga month here is South Africa too!

So we are declaring it National Yoga month here at M.A.Y. as well and in celebration of it and the renewal, awakening of Spring, we want to make getting into the best version of yourself easier than ever!

Check out the new deals that we have been thinking of over for the last while. We want you to have fun getting fit @ more affordable rates too.

Our Mad Deals

Private Yoga Coaching: 

Private Coaching @ your home:

One-on-one: 1 hour @ R320
Semi-private: With a friend/family member under 4 people @ R256 p/p ( 20% discount p/p)
Semi-private: with friends/family members 4 or more people @ R100 p/p (75% discount p/p)

So can you gather 3 friends or family members to join you for some yoga coaching?

*All private sessions by appointment only of course.
*All sessions come with a complementary wellness assessment.

Check out the "About" & "Fees" pages for all the details, then give Madelain a call and claim your complementary wellness assessment.

We want you to share the love too! Convince your friends that they need to do some yoga with you. You really won't find a better deal for such a great rate.

Happy spring lovely yogis.

Mad Abut Yoga

Monday, 9 April 2012

Latest news


Save your mula big time! M.A.Y. has reduced general class rates @ the dojo! 

  • 1 drop in class @ R70
  • 3 classes per week in one month @ R250 (12 classes/month works out to plus minus R20/class)
  • Mat hire @ R5

YES! Rates have been reduced considerably and here's why: 

  1.  I would rather have my yoga students at class than not coming at all. 
  2.  I'm not interested in keeping up with local yoga studios, because I am not really a dedicated yoga studio, I offer yoga classes out of a Karate dojo for just because I can. My vision is to see more people being able to afford what they really want; a good challenging workout as well as a way to wind down, let go and balance out our modern life-styles.
  3.  The vision is for M.A.Y. to be a place where all are welcome to learn the art of attention through the movement of a regular yoga & meditation practice. Here @ M.A.Y. I WANT to offer you the best rates so that your yoga practice can be more than a once-a-week occurrence. 
I love to reward M.A.Y. student, introduce 5 friends to M.A.Y. and receive 6 classes free.