Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fun Stuff we do with Mad About Yoga!

So this is the video I mad last year (the first one I ever made) demonstrating most of the things I get up to, from rehab yoga, some free yoga that I used to teach, to private one-on-one yoga, semi-private yoga to the very intense Mad Interval Yoga etc. The video is pretty self explanatory. 

Initially, I made it to run as a loop video for the 101 Things to Do in Cape Town Expo in November last year, but it defiantly has a place here for you to get a look into how I like to play.

If this looks like fun to you ('cause it really is) check out the schedule for class option  or the private yoga coaching options I have here on the site.

I love being creative and playful with the yoga I teach. I hope you enjoy the video.

Mad About Yoga ~ Yoga Coaching in Cape Town:
* One-on-one private yoga coaching
* Semi private yoga coaching
* Early morning Group classes
* Free Group Yoga in the Urban Biodiversity Gardens (postponed till further notice)
* Mad Strength Vinyasa Yoga Flow
* Mad Interval Yoga
* Yoga for athletes
* Yoga for post pregnancy recovery or just alone time
* Yoga for rehabilitation & maintainence 
* Meditation
* Yogic sleep & Deep relaxation
* Yoga with friends and much more

WARNING:  This Yoga is very addictive!