Mad Client Testimonials

"I have been doing yoga, on and off, most of my adult life. I have been with Madeline for a year and a half. I find her totally reliable, she has never missed a session and always arrives on time. Her classes are innovative, with new poses introduced all the time, as she is open to the practice of all kinds of yoga, and I have enjoyed her quiet, yet strong enthusiasm which never wanes.
She is mature beyond her years and has a depth and spirituality, that she incorporates into her lessons.
I enjoy every session and feel stretched in body, and refreshed in mind.
Thank you Mads" ~ Charlotte Resnekov (M.A.Y. very First Private Yoga Client )

"I started yoga once a week with Madelain about five months after my baby was born. For me the main motivations were to get a little scheduled time to myself, do something to help me feel a bit more balanced and cope better with chronic sleep deprivation, and give my back some time off! Each week I look forward to that wonderful hour where I can move and relax my body, create a little mental space, and restore my spine to a more functional state!
I enjoy not only practising yoga with Madelain, but being taught more about it too - so that (every now and then) when I have the chance, I'm able to practice on my own and enjoy the benefits then too.
I've certainly found my sessions with her to be a worthwhile investment!" ~ Melissa Tudsbury (M.A.Y. Private Yoga Client).

"Madelain is an exceptional Yoga instructor who cares a great deal for her students. She always makes sure everyone is comfortable in the various postures, but also pushes us to our bodies' limits and beyond. It's been an absolute pleasure being her student for almost a year now and I'm looking forward to what lies ahead!" ~ Niel Hoogenhout (Student @ the Dojo)

"I love yoga because it is such an incredible workout without it being hard on your body. You gain great flexibility and strength, and can do it now matter what your age or ability level. I hope to still be doing yoga when I am 90! At the same time, yoga teaches you to be quiet within yourself - it is a great way to relieve stress, especially when thing get tough! Madelain's classes are also great because she is always upbeat and ready to teach you new things, and will take personal strengths and weaknesses into account during the classes. I used to get a lot of backaches from sitting in front of the computer all day, but with the combination of strength-building and stress relief that yoga has given me, that is no longer a problem. And you get to stand on your head - how cool is that?" ~ Michelle Hoogenhout  (Student @ the Dojo)

"Madelain, you are such a great person. I have been doing yoga with you now for about two years and I absolutely love it. I do not want to do yoga with anybody else, because your personality just makes the atmosphere amazing even when doing those hard yoga moves. Thank you so much for sticking with me even though I feel like I am worst student possible." ~ Charmaine Cook (The first Mad Yogi supporter to hop on board when M.A.Y. was birthed)

"I've never thought too much about what I want out of yoga actually. I suppose I was just looking for a regular form of exercise that I can stick with, that's built into my routine so I don't have to think about it (it just happens) and that doesn't feel too exercise-y as I'm not really a great fan (we can probably blame school sports for that...) I think one of the areas that would be good is core stability - because I think strength emanates from there really, although you already do some. Some friends and I did some Dance wii stuff yesterday and they complained about stiffness - I don't have any so either I made less effort or you have been working me hard enough that my muscles thought it was mild:) I like the fact that we have different focusses on different days - even though my preference is definitely Wednesdays. I think yoga has made me physically stronger, and some areas are a bit more toned, which is a nice side effect. More arm and ab work might lead to some aesthetically pleasing results. I wouldn't have any complaints if you just keep doing what you've been doing." ~ Gillian De Villiers (Student at the Dojo)

"I have been really enjoying your classes, I want to become more flexible and supple, and I really want to build my core a lot stronger and
work muscles I don't usually use!
For me its about balance and if I can become more rounded and better in my excises and sport the more I will work harder and to achieve that.
Its also very convenient for me that its right next to my gym and work so it makes perfect sense for me to carry on.
I would recommend you any day and will carry promoting "Mad About Yoga"
Your explaining while doing the stretches is very good and a good selling point, along with your personality and kindness, it works well" ~ Kyle Noyes-Smith (Student @ the Dojo)

"Madelain is a wonderful Yoga instructor who meets you where you are, is interested in helping you improve yourself and (most importantly) your health. She is fun, straight-forward, caring and continually strives to improve herself. I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a Yoga Coach/Instructor." ~ Denise van der Merwe (taken a few free yoga classes with Madelain Burgoyne)