Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May 2013 Free Workshops with Dr. Greg Venning: Fit for Life

So if you're a regular Gym goer or you stay clear from the "e-word" and hate the gym, this will be the workshop for you.

I really love movement and since entering the Paleo world, I've learned many more concepts & principles to apply behind movement. Through moving my body through yoga, I've both injured myself or learnt more body awareness, built strength, flexibility and agility. The fact is, that if you become stagnant in your movement, well the result will be an unresponsive body. Use it or lose it... but the good new is that wherever you are, you can do something about it to improve it!

Here is some information Eilidh from Vitality Chiropractic & The vitality Concept send me for the upcoming free workshop... this time it's about ways in moving your body beyond going to gym.

 "The workshop is called "Fit for Life - Thinking outside of the gym". Easy ways to make movement part of your daily life, for life! 

We know many people who are fit for the gym but are not fit for everyday life and we would love to help them achieve a balance of both. We also know the idea of exercise puts a lot of people off which tends to lead to a sedentary lifestyle. In this workshop Dr Greg will show people how to integrate movement into their daily life, without using the "e" word.

The 3 fundamental types of movement that are required for health will be addressed: Move moderately, move heavy, move fast.

Topics & benefits will include:
Increase energy
Reduce body fat
Enhance posture
Improve memory
Balance hormones
Peak performance
Upgrade flexibility
Gain focus
Beach body for life...”I'll be there, I hope I see you there. Details her in the picture, so be sure to book your seat.

If you're looking for a fun new way to start moving your body, come join an early morning yoga session with me at the Dojo. First class experience is free; check out the info on my page here under Yoga @ the dojo.
If you're looking for more of a private movement situation that will be designe specifically for your level; Check out some info on what I offer here under Types of Private Yoga Coaching Programs:

I've just put up a new page section on my blog website; check out what some of my students have been saying here: Mad Client Testimonials

Here's to your ultimate health and well-being.