Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Become a Beta Coaching Client! Mad About My Life: Coaching with Madelain Burgoyne

Want to design your life on purpose?

I'm looking for Guinea Pigs to experiment on (sounds suspicious... I know right)!If you don't know already... I'm currently studying towards my coaching credentials (too excited as it's really my BIIIIIG dream becoming ACTUALISED)!

Anyway, my course requires that I accumulate some fieldwork hours (around 100 paid hours - I'm aiming to do even more, 'cause I'm just like that)!

If you think you or know of someone who would like to be my experiments at a really good rate and want to know more about what Coaching is. In-box me:
So far I have two really brave people to practise on... I'll be updating the insights from my experimental clients (with their permission of coarse).

I'm working on different lifestyle packages to rock your world, but the basic beta coaching package starts @ R180 per 1 hour coaching session.

Quick Life Coaching Summery:

Just in case you've been living under a rock and wondering what that's about

In the coaching relationship... it's all about you! It's a synergistic process where, you're the expert and I'm your sounding board. It's all about you taking responsibility for the life you have (look at where you currently are) and want (Where you'd like your life to be) and everything in it. It the process, we discover the miss-match , find your core values and dreams and through deliberate collaboration, we design (you design) the steps to move you in the direction to making whatever part you want into a reality. the coaching process includes thought provoking questions (curiosity gets you into solution seeking prospective= more empowering), feedback, re-framing & accountability.
Through the process, you start learning these awareness skills and develop more emotional intelligence and capacity to expand into your full potential.
This is a totally open, non-judgemental & confidential space.

I'm not going to sugar coat it for you (even though the above sounds pretty sweet); it takes guts to own your s*%t and to see that happiness isn't all positive thoughts and roses. But through the process you fine the coherence and congruence and presence to see everything (both the negative & positive forces of life) as perfectly balanced and exactly what you need to step into your value (what you've here to do/your potential). I's about not being ruled by emotional overwhelm or circumstances, but taking your life and creating more of what you want ON PURPOSE. Life no longer happens to you.. it starts happening for you.

It requires: courage, letting go to attached stories of your past (shifting perspective), experimentation (stepping out your comfort zone), finding the skills you need to adopt to make change (adaptability), accountability (setting yourself up to be held accountable DELIBERATELY - useful for those days of doubt), planning, self awareness, measurement, re-assessment.

What life coaching is not:

It's not therapy, counselling or anything of the sort. I deal with the current blocks and move you forward until you can learn the process and take the momentum over.

Once again... inbox me if this sounds like something you'd like to try out; check out the website, Facebook page, come and say hi.

ox Mads