Thursday, 7 February 2013

Risks & Grace

So M.A.Y. has turned 1 years old in Jan, I can't believe how time has just flown by.

In the beginning of 2012, I really didn't know what M.A.Y. was going to be about, I just knew that I had to follow that calling within to serve with the fire I have for creating a business and life I love. So I simply headed into that sort of direction and sometimes all one need is to take that opportunity that shows up when you make that kind of wish... do you know what I'm talking about?
Opportunities are easy to miss when it doesn't show up in the way you imagined it would. I really think that's the point anyway. Opportunities can show up as risks or uncomfortable moments that require you to show up (courage), testing to see if you are ready for what you're asking for!
Sometimes life will decide you're ready and the opportunity will show up anyway and you know what; it's okay to start a journey before you're ready. This = growth.

And so, when I started M.A.Y. last year it lead me on a journey, my own yellow brick road and I found so many amazing people along the way. When you follow your leads, more leads and key people enter your life. As I did this, my purpose became more defined, what I have to offer became more detailed and best of all my flame started burning more fiercely!

I did something (a lot of things actually) that required a lot of courage (yes there were many fears and still are); starting up a small yoga service. I wanted to experiment on taking a chance to see if what they say about life is true. You now... have a little faith and the way will show up? Well, I discovered that if I did my part (deliberate consistent action) life would open up the rest; and it did.
I'm no longer too afraid of taking risks that require a little faith because I learned to trust myself by showing up and partly knowing that divine Grace (life) hooks me up the rest of the way. By the way, risk can be anything, even showing your vulnerable side to someone for instance.

How has life hooked you up when you showed up? What's been nagging at you that's requiring a little leap of faith? Where can you apply more faith in your life and allow Grace to show up and do the rest?

I'd love to hear What you think about Risk and Grace and how it's showed up in your life. leave a comment below.